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We have been running our Zumba classes in Reigate for over 7 years and our classes are still the most popular in town! Our fun and energetic classes combine different dance styles into one high-energy, inspiring dance-fitness class, designed to improve your fitness levels without even noticing it! You don’t need any previous dance experience for this class, as you follow the instructor the whole time. The routines are easy to follow and work the whole of your body for an all over workout. The loud music is enough to get anyone moving, and the feel good endorphins set you up for the week! The class is open to all ages, abilities and levels, so don’t be shy!

Wear comfortable clothing and trainers, and bring a drink of water - you’ll need it! No need to book in advance, you can book your class on the day!


£7.50 per class or £6.50 per class when booking a block of 5.
Please book via the app 'Gymcatch'

Classes take place on Mondays 7.30-8.30pm at Reigate Parish  School, Reigate.

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