Lydia joined us as temporary maternity cover for Lucy, and slotted into the school perfectly. We're very excited that Lydia has now taken over as owner of Reigate Dance Studio! Lydia’s training saw her excel in all three elements of the arts and so Lydia teaches our dance classes as well as our theatre classes. Lydia has been teaching since 2015, with previous experience travelling all over the world performing in many different shows in the UK, Germany, and most recently, working as a Lead Vocalist in the Caribbean. Lydia is now settled in the UK, having recently had a baby girl and is currently in the process of planning her wedding! 


Jennie began working for us in 2016 and is now our wonderful admin assistant. Jennie is your first point of call with emails, texts and enquiries, and is so reliable and hard working. Having Jennie on our team gives us teachers the time and space to ensure all of the classes are as brilliant as they can be. Jennie lives in the local area with her family, and her two daughters enjoy attending classes with Lydia!