Our Zumba classes have been hugely popular in Reigate since we first opened them in 2011!

If you want something full of explosive energy, to dance, to get fit with loud music and great fun, Lucy’s classes are for you! Due to Lucy’s dance and performance background, these classes are packed with feel-good endorphins while you still gain the benefits of a fitness workout. Lucy is also a trained Exercise Instructor which so much knowledge on how to give you the best results from improved cardio fitness to a stronger core. You won’t even realise you’re working out. Hate the Gym? Zumba with Lucy is for you!

If you aren’t sure what Zumba actually is, it’s the infamous Latin-American based dance-fitness programme that has taken the fitness world by storm! Zumba fuses easy-to-follow dance movements and South American music to create and exhilarating and energy-fuelled fitness class.

Zumba is designed for all levels and ages (minimum age 14) and is a great way to workout, have fun, burn calories and enjoy yourself.

Mondays, 7.30pm – 8.30pm, £6.00 per class – Dunottar Studio (please see Contact and Location page for this address)

We are happy to take young adults from the age of 14 as long as they are supervised. Age 16+ do not need to be supervised. 

Please wear comfortable clothing as you would to any Fitness-based class, and sport-style trainers. Bring a drink too – you’ll need it!