At Reigate Dance Studio we have Ballet classes for children aged 2 ½ upwards and we also teach adults in our Ballet Workshops and classes. More information on these is available on our Facebook page – Reigate Dance Studio, or scroll down to read more!

In the children’s classes we guide them through the Imperial Classical Ballet syllabus. Ballet is a fantastic way of improving a child’s posture, poise, fitness, creativity, concentration and self-confidence. Our children’s classes are fun and full of imagination while still teaching children Ballet technique.

All of our pupils are able to take part in Graded Examinations if they so wish. It is not compulsory to be entered for and take exams but we do encourage it – exams are really enjoyable and a motivational incentive for pupils.

At the end of every term we invite parents of our pupils into class to watch their progression and any dances or displays they may have learned. This is a chance for you to see what your child has been working on each term.

Where to start?

Lucy will advise you on which Ballet Grade will be most suited for your child to begin learning. To give you a better idea of which Grade your child may be suited to, please see the list below with the day and time that class is available at Reigate Dance Studio

Petite Ballerinas (ages 2-3), Monday, 2.15pm – 2.45pm
This is more of a creative dance class, using familiar music and teaching balletic movements to introduce children to the genre. Children are welcome to bring their favourite teddy to ‘watch them’ if they wish!
Pre-Primary Ballet (ages 3-4), Monday, 3.45pm – 4.15pm
Primary Ballet (ages 5-6), Tuesday, 4.00pm – 4.45pm
Grade 1 Ballet (ages 6+), Thursday, 4.30pm – 5.15pm
Grade 2 Ballet (ages 8+), Thursday 3.45pm – 4.30pm

Please note parents are asked not to stay in classes while they are taking place as this can affect a child’s development and confidence, but there is a waiting room you may use while classes are taking place. We do allow parents of our Petite Ballerinas to stay and watch as we do understand that it’s important at this age for your child to feel settled in such a new environment.  


Our Ballet uniform is a pink leotard and skirt, pink ballet socks and pink soft ballet shoes (choose between leather or satin shoes). Hair should be tied back in a ballet bun, away from the face.

Once we have received confirmation that you’d like to enrol your child into our classes, we will send you a Uniform Info Sheet via email with the details of the correct uniform and where to purchase it (in store and online options available.)


If you would like to enrol your child into Reigate Dance Studio please complete a registration form by clicking here. You will then receive an email from Lucy to confirm the next step. You may also like to try this class free of charge to ensure this class is right for your child. To book a free trial, please email


Petite Ballerinas: £50.00 per term
Pre-Primary: £50.00 per term
Primary Ballet: £50.00 per term
Grade 1 Ballet: £54.00 per term
Grade 2 Ballet: £54.00 per term


Our fantastic Adult Ballet-Fit class is designed to work on muscular strength and tone through Ballet exercises at the Barre and in the centre of the room. We will be learning exercises to help tone the whole body and increase cardiovascular fitness while dancing to classical music from West-End shows. The classes also help to improve posture and poise through core-strengthening and pelvic floor exercises.

These classes are aimed at beginners of all ages.

During our Autumn term this year we are postponing our regular weekly classes to offer all of our adult clients a variety of Workshops in many dance styles from Ballet to Contemporary, Street to Irish Dance and we even have some Mindfulness and Meditation events too. To stay updated with these Workshops and events, please enquire by emailing lucy@reigatedancestudio,com, or follow our Facebook page – Reigate Dance Studio! Our regular classes will be back soon so do let us know if you’re interested in joining us!


Please wear comfortable clothing as you would to any fitness-based class. You may wear ballet shoes if you’d like but you may also dance in bare feet. Bring a drink with you too!

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